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American Elements is the world’s manufacturer of engineered & advanced materials with corporate offices and primary research & laboratory facilities in the United States
and manufacturing & warehousing in the United States, China, Mexico and the United Kingdom.
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American Elements is the world leader in the industrial application of materials science. American Elements has also been a key source for academic and corporate research, advancement and new product development for over two decades. Our fundamental expertise in the properties, applications, and cost-effective American Elementsmanufacturing of advanced and engineered materials, including ultra high purity refining (99.9999%) and nanotechnology (Mono Atomic Elements) scales allows us to meet the needs of thousands of global manufacturers (including over 30% of the Fortune 50), all U.S. and many foreign national laboratories, universities throughout the world, and our customers in a wide variety of industry groups, including energy, electronics, aerospace, defense, automotive, optics/photovoltaics, green technologies and pharma/cosmetics.

The company provides both technical guidance and manufactured products in its 10,850 page online catalogue which includes over 3,000 elemental metal, metallic compound, ceramic and crystalline stock items. American Elements also produces numerous customer proprietary formulations from our network of production facilities strategically placed throughout the world.



Advanced Materials on a Commercial Scale

Compound Solutions Packaging BulkAmerican Elementsí operational production divisions are fully staffed and equipped to bulk manufacture metals, compounds and crystalline structures in virtually every purity and physical morphology that nature and current technology commercially allow, including (1) all elements other than the elemental gases at ambient temperature and pressure, (2) ultra high purity forms of most metals and compounds, (3) unique alloys and metal parts in countless configurations, (4) complex single phase doped structures using either co-precipitation or calcination/re-crystallization processes, (4) macro, meso and nanoscale powders with highly specific particle distributions, shapes and surface areas and (5) custom grown single and polycrystalline crystal materials of the III-V and II-VI compounds with special orientations, purities and dopants.



From Inspiration to Full Production...

Building A of Plant--Thin Film and Deposition Processing RoomBecause of the depth of our capabilities, many Fortune 500 companies, as well as, university, government and institutional-backed start up ventures, bring us in at the beginning of product development. We will immediately deliver a wealth of materials experience to your program so you can avoid "reinventing the wheel" or pursuing known dead ends. We will facilitate a cost effective, well-planned and documented ramp up from basic research and development to commercialized tonnage level production, all under the strictest proprietary information controls.


...at the Lowest Cost

Building C of Plant--Processing RoomSince our production begins at the mine in our mineral refining and chemical separations operations in China, Mexico and the U.S., your cost will remain as low as your specifications demand. The combination of world class U.S. based research, development, analysis and certification with a fully integrated global manufacturing operation allows us to both certify to the highest possible U.S. standards and at the same time provide materials at the lowest possible world prices.


State of the Art Analysis

Building A of Plant--LaboratoryAmerican Elements' operations (and working together, your program) are supported by state-of-the-art research and analytical laboratory facilities managed by Ph.D. level staff, including chemical analysis by AA and ICP; crystal and phase structure analysis by X-Ray diffraction; and particle morphology by SEM, BET specific surface area analysis, and particle distribution analysis. Our advanced ceramic powders can be tested and certified on a plethora of additional performance basis, including among them strength, density, stability, flowability and ionic or electric conductivity/resistivity.

See Custom Synthesis, Tolling and Product Development for further ways we team up with our customers to allow them to cost effectively develop new and exciting products.


A Dedication to the Advancement of Materials Science Education

American Elements CEO on Bloomberg TVAmerican Elements' Academics & Periodicals Department supports materials science education at all academic levels. It has co-sponsored over 200 industry and academic conferences in 25 countries in fields such as electronics, green technology, aerospace, medical/pharma/nutrition/cosmetic, nanotechnology, optics, rare earths and advanced military technology. In 2011, it co-sponsored a four-part PBS series on NOVA titled "Making Stuff" examining the world of materials science. The company's 10,850 page online catalog & compendium of material science is annually viewed by more than 1.2 million visitors and is followed by more than 30,000 Twitter followers.


The American Elements Pledge: Documented Processes, Accurately Certified

Laboratory & Research MaterialsThe world's most important technology companies know American Elements' products will always be as certified, and all future orders will be materially identical. That's because manufacturing begins with written standard operating procedures (SOP) established for all product codes. Certification is merely a final analytical confirmation of a series of documented GMP in-process control gates and measurements. Over the years, our extremely high level of batch-to-batch consistency has allowed many global enterprises to confidently move new innovations to full commercialization. We wish to thank the many companies who rely on the American Elements Pledge of Quality and Consistency. A few are recognized here. Thank you!



Apple Corporation
Johnson & Johnson
Lawrence Livermore National Laborator
JPL: Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Agilent Technologies
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
CERN: the European Organization for Nuclear Research
British Petroleum
Austrailian Defence Science and Technology Organisation
General Atomics
Brush Wellman
WR Grace
Yale University
National Security Agency
Occidental Petroleum
New Customer Sales & Technical Service
American Elements
US Corporate Headquarters
1093 Broxton Ave. Suite 2000
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American Elements
1093 Broxton Ave. Suite 2000
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Telephone: 310-208-0551


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